Nestled deep in the Garden of Surry Hills, Gnome Espresso and Wine Bar hides amongst the boutiques that line Crown St. On the corner of Crown and Davies Streets, tucked under a leafy canopy and true to the name it bears, Gnome is a pint-sized character-laden Espresso & Wine Bar quietly doing it's thing.

On the coffee side, our small team here delivers the expert range of Gnome Coffee Merchants, focusing around our Casablanca house, that we have been developing and perfecting here for the past three years.

Ever-changing ranges of specialty filter coffee, as well as our range of retail beans and paraphernalia are always on offer. We know we are only small, but our kitchen kicks out its sophisticated, casual and relaxed menu, providing a high quality and attention in an affordable way. It’s taken some work, but we make sure all of our produce in ethically sourced, coming from free range, local farms and sustainable fisheries. Not only do we know it’s the right thing, but it’s the taste we love best. Our range of wines and beers are always changing, and we take the same effort to source the best range of drinks we can and still make it affordable. One of our famous Bloody Marys complete a weekend brunch, and you can’t beat sitting outside of an arvo with a bottle of wine watching Surry Hills do its thing.

Open: 7 days 

Monday-Friday 7am -4 pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am-4pm 

Where: 536 Crown St Surry Hills 



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