Gnome breakfast juice kale, watermelon, apple and ginger $6
Ocean trout, avocado, rye sour dough toast, dill, marinated feta & beetroot relish $14
Mini egg benny roll. Poached egg, hollandaise & ham on brioche $8.5
Baked polenta with mushrooms, asparagus, poached eggs & Parmesan $15
Breakfast board- boiled egg, avocado, tomato salsa & toast $14
Add smoked trout or ham $4 
Poached or scrambled eggs on toast with house tomato relish $10
Seasonal fruit salad, granola& yogurt $12
Bircher muesli with roasted strawberries, Seasonal fruit and yogurt $12
Toast $6  
Rye sour dough or soy linseed House made jam, vegemite, and honey
Toasted banana bread with cinnamon butter, honey & lime mascarpone $6
Extras $4
bacon, avocado, egg, asparagus, mushroom, ham, smoked ocean trout

Quinoa w roasted cauliflower, beetroot, pistachio, dried fruit & sprouts $14
Poached chicken, crunchy witlof, apple & celery with a ranch dressing $14
SANDWICHES Poached chicken, almonds, shallots, & mayonnaise Baguette $10
Spicy meatballs with tomato, capsicum, mozzarella & basil sauce, toasted sour dough Baguette or in a bowl with toast $14
Gnome burger, pickles, swiss cheese, beetroot on brioche w side salad $ 12
Mushroom sandwich with pickles and cheese $12
Prosciutto, mushrooms, cheese, smoked ocean trout, dip, pickles and olives Accompanied with crostini and baguette

Espresso $3
Espresso with milk $3.50
Iced coffee $3.50
Decaf, soy, extra shot $0.50
Large size $1

TEA $3.50
Good morning breakfast blend
Earl Grey blue flower
Cloud & mist Chinese green
Heal – lemongrass, ginger, mint & fennel seeds
Peppermint – Australian & organic
Chai- $4


Gnome iced tea with lemon & lime sorbet, mint & lemon $8
Berry smoothie – mixed berry, vanilla bean ice cream, yogurt & honey $8
Chocolate milk shake with vanilla bean gelato $8
Bundaberg ginger beer $3.50
Coke Zero $3.50
Sparkling mineral water $2.50
Freshly squeezed orange juice $5